Many different places offer updates on research as it comes out, so I’ve decided not to reinvent the wheel. I’ve listed some great options below, and many of the journals listed on our “Journals” page also have an RSS feed you can sign up for to get the table of contents and abstracts sent to you regularly.:


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Evidence Based Birth Podcast

Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN founded this site to “promote evidence-based practice during childbirth by providing research evidence directly to women and families.” She does a great job of it, too, with very useful bulletins, a newsletter, and most recently classes.

OBGyno Wino

Nathan Riley MD summarizes a different ACOG bulletin in each episode, discussing the research and reasons behind them. He also enjoys a bottle of wine with each episode, so you’ll get bonus reviews on those as well.


I’m not a huge user of Twitter, and am always looking for more people to follow, but here are some accounts I like to follow for research information: