Confirmation Bias

When we think of bias in research, we often think of bias as something that exists in the researchers and publishers of medical research. But that’s not the only kind of research we should be aware of! Confirmation Bias is a special kind of bias that effects YOU. And time you’re interacting with research, you …

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Spotting Bad Science

Today I’m starting a new series on the top ten trouble spots to witch out for when evaluating research. Enjoy this sneak peek infographic and tune in every Tuesday morning for the next 10 weeks for details on each one!

Scientific Studies with John Oliver

If you’re a fan of John Oliver’s brash and sarcastic sense of humor, you’ll probably enjoy this video on scientific studies and their misuse, misrepresentation in the media, the cherry picking results, and the silly way that studies are interpreted.

Gruenbaum Study on Home Birth

A newly released study on home birth has been grabbing headlines and triggered some strong responses. But the study is not without its flaws. Read some commentary and critique of the study at the links below: Understanding Outliers Flaws in Recent Homebirth Research May Mislead Parents, Providers

Updated Cochrane Review: Midwifery Model of Care

Cochrane Review on the Midwifery-led Model of Care The latest Cochrane Collaboration Review on the midwifery-led model of care. From the abstract: Midwife-led continuity of care was associated with several benefits for mothers and babies, and had no identified adverse effects compared with models of medical-led care and shared care.