Reading Studies

Becoming a Critical Reader

An Introduction

What to look for in the initial once-over as you read an article or abstract.

Bias Bias Everywhere!

Learn to spot various kinds of bias all over in research, including in yourself!

The 5 Basic Questions

Basic questions to get you thinking about the research you're reading.

Questions About Original Research

Things to consider as you look at articles describing a research study.

Quantitative Research

Questions specific to original research that is experimental in design, quanltifies data and has statistical analysis.

Qualitative Research

This different approach to research requires a different set of questions to look at the results with a critical eye.

Literature Reviews

Things to consider when reading a literature review, or when writing one of your own!

Systemic Reviews and Meta Analysis

Taking a hard look at the process to see if the reviews are unbiased.

Journal Papers that Are Not Studies

Opinions pieces, practice guidelines and case studies.