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Tracking Down Studies

My first series of articles that appeared on the Science and Sensibility blog. This series focused on finding, reading, and understanding research.

Introduction to the Series

Straight to the Source

Hunting Grounds: Where to look for studies

Basic Tracking Skills: How to Find What You’re Hunting For

Advanced Tracking Tools: MeSH Keywords

Tracking Tools: Follow the Herd

Tracking Down Studies: Going Around Obstacles

Similar articles right here on the Understanding Research blog:

Tracking Down Studies, Part 1 Follow the steps I take as I try to track down a study referenced in an article from a women’s magazine.

Tracking Down Studies, Part 2 Follow the steps I take to track down the study behind a newspaper article. This was a tough one, and the final results I found ended up quite different from what the article said.

Critical Reader

This series of articles on Science and Sensibility focuses on becoming a critical reader of research. It’s important just just to read, but to read, evaluate, and critique. Question everything, not just the studies you disagree with. Give those studies you agree with every bit as thorough a test!

Becoming a Critical Reader: An Introduction

Becoming a Critical Reader: Bias, Bias Everywhere!

Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to Ask About Original Research

Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to Ask about Qualitative Research

Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to Ask about Quantitative Research

Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to Ask about Systemic Reviews and Meta-analyses

Becoming a Critical Reader: Journal Articles that are not Studies

Research Methodologies

My series on Science and Sensibility addresses research methodologies:

Understanding Methodology: Why Methods Matter

Understanding Methodology: The Basics of Sampling

Understanding Methodology: Elements of Experimental Design

I would love to hear from you with any article suggestions, questions or comments. Thanks!